Melinda Paletta

Melinda Paletta is a gourmet epicure born in Montreal Quebec. She was raised in a family business with expertise in the food industry, customer service, business and marketing.

Over the past 22 years she has worked on customizing and carving out her own niche in the culinary world.  Melinda has a degree in Hard Work and hates it when someone tells her she can’t do something!

Melinda is a self taught chef who loves different food cultures. Melinda has a distinguished palate and an infectious attitude about her love of food.  She is classy, intriguing, stylish, outgoing and most importantly loves life. Melinda also had her Event Planning business in Toronto Ontario where she brought her eccentric style to each event she put together.

She has a knack for seeing new and upcoming culinary ideas, and she is always ready to try something new once, Melinda thinks out loud and tells it like it is.

At least fifteen of her professional years were spent working at her family business.  During that time Melinda moved to the southern United States where she learned a great deal about southern cuisine.

Throughout the years she has mastered her skills in a wide variety of different cuisines including vegetarian. Melinda’s curiosity about other cultures sent her on a food-quest to explore their recipes and origins.

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